On Why Hard Work Doesn’t Matter…

…Well, not for the reasons we think. (Your Skillset + Hard Work) x Time = Your Success That’s the formula. Easy enough right? I was taught this my whole life. IF I work hard, THEN I’ll become successful! That’s the pursuit of happiness, yeah? Remember that Will Smith movie? Featuring little Will Smith? He wasContinue reading “On Why Hard Work Doesn’t Matter…”

Scattered Thoughts on Black Lives Matter

Martin Luther King Jr.’s life matters. It matters as much as Trayvon Martin’s, Malcolm X’s , Eric Garner’s, Botham Jean’s, Tamir Rice’s, George Floyd’s, Alton Sterling’s, Ahmaud Arbery’s and Breonna Taylor’s. It matters as much as my best friend Brittany’s, my bank advisor – Cody’s, my high school principal – Jean’s and my brother-in-law –Continue reading “Scattered Thoughts on Black Lives Matter”

First Time’s a Charm! …Hopefully

Do you remember the first time you compared yourself to someone else? It probably happened when you were really young. Maybe it was the birth of your first sibling. Maybe you were at a get together or at school. Wherever you were, you were used to being the only one. Good or bad – thereContinue reading “First Time’s a Charm! …Hopefully”

Why I Stopped Going to Church but Should Consider Going Back

“What was the best and the worst part of your week?” This is my go to question. Life is full of ups and downs and I believe the only way to really live is to fully embrace both. I asked a friend of mine this a few days ago, to which she replied: “I thinkContinue reading “Why I Stopped Going to Church but Should Consider Going Back”

On Saying You’re Sorry…

I started reading Amy Poehler’s book “Yes Please” and this morning I read the chapter on apologizing. She chronicles the story of being part of a seemingly offensive SNL sketch and writing a letter of apology 5 YEARS after the fact. If someone has hurt me or I’ve hurt them, I want it dealt with rightContinue reading “On Saying You’re Sorry…”